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Welcome to the financial modelling wiki!

This is a free financial modelling resource that anyone can edit. Dive in!

Why does this exist? It looks like Wikipedia

This website is focused on financial modeling and it is not an encyclopedia. We do take a lot of cues from Wikipedia.


Where to start

This wiki has just been created. Start by creating pages and populating them, and improving existing pages! You can create a new page by entering the title into the search box (top right corner) and clicking the red link that appears.

The following pages might be helpful for finding your way around and prompting ideas:

This page describes how to contribute to this wiki. For technically savvy modellers, the short of it is that you should jump in and edit it the way that you would expect. Contribute to share information that is useful for people that work with or use financial models. Do not contribute to promote something - though you can contribute in your own name or the name of a business that you represent, and you can mention that in your user page.